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Music/ Politics/ Academia

Ming Jie


1) Mp3 links will be live for two weeks, maybe a few days over that, but not by much. Since I have limited web space, I have to keep these links rotating. I won't repost mp3s or email an old mp3 file to you. Please don't ask.

2) I post music because I enjoy talking about music. So if you're downloading my stuff, I'd like to get feedback about what you thought of it. At the very least, tell me what you downloaded so I know what caught people's attention. If you particularly liked something, please let me know that as well so I can get a better feel for my audience. For the most part, I try to cater to people's tastes. Posting things take time, so take a moment to chip in and say hi if you're taking things and let me know what you think of the music.

3) The purpose of my postings is to showcase a broad spectrum of music, but primarily I focus on jazz, soul, funk, hip hop, and "world." Sometimes you'll also see blues, rock, and early 20th century music on here. I don't label which songs are from what genre. This is mainly because it takes too much time and I think people should expand their musical horizons.

4) You can expect a post a week, depending on my schedule. They will be under the topic heading: "Note Taking."


I don't have a strong stance on much, so don't take much of what I write seriously. While I deeply care about the issues I write about, I am also devoted to maintaining an objective approach. As a result, I often find myself rather confused among the bits of truth in every argument. But I can't write such middle of the road posts since that would be painfully boring. As such, I take stances that I only slightly lean towards. Thus, if you strongly disagree with me, know that I probably don't strongly disagree with you.

If you study political economy, political science, or economics, please comment frequently. I'd love to have a fellow politico onboard to chat with.


I see LJ's "friending" feature as a RSS feed, so no need to ask if you can add me. I'm rather delighted to see people have any interest whatsoever in what I post anyway. However, I usually don't add people back just because my "friends list" is comprised mainly of news feeds. Each day I'm buried with about 200-300 posts. As you can understand, I'm trying to limit that already, so please don't take it personal if I don't add you.


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